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Serbia for Kids

Besides organizing day tours from Belgrade and trips throughout Serbia, we specialize in educational travel tours that will make kids fall in love with our workshops and excursions in natural surroundings. Parents are welcome to enjoy their coffee in peace accordingly or join one of our interesting travels around West Serbia.

The best way to rest and leave all the stress behind is to immerse in nature and discover domestic bites while soaking up the sun and fresh air.


Whether you already visited Serbia or not, this time you will be dazzled.


We explore, discover, and find the most interesting corners and tracks.


One has the best time when one laughs and interacts with nice and amusing people.


A good travel is always a great way to broaden your circle of friends and acquaintances.


Allow us to present Serbia in a different way than the one the country has been internationally perceived for years. Did you know that Serbia is best known for its natural beauty, that the fresco from its 13th-century monastery was sent to Space as a sign of peace in 1962, or that Serbs are praised for their hospitality?

Join our day tours from Belgrade as we discover hidden gems of this underrated European country while immersing in real experiences and organic food.

Locals love traveling with us because they always learn something new and international tourists have a chance to indulge in a nature-loving gastronomical exploration.

You will fall in love with the views from the mountains of Kablar and Tara, the Drina river cruise, or stunning Uvac meanders. Learn about the traditional hospitality the country is famed for and taste some of the most popular local delicacies made within a countryside household.


Family Holiday Serbia

Family holidays are seldom organized the way they should be, not only in Serbia but throughout Europe.Our experience has shown that certain family members are always slightly neglected or uninspired by the available content.

That is the reason we make sure that every destination in Serbia you travel to with us has something to offer to each member of your family. If you want to spend some romantic time or hike through lavish forests with your spouse, we can also organize an educational workshop for your kids. They will love the time they spend with other children while you can unwind in peace.

Not only will you be able to choose what to do but also where to do it. Let us suggest destinations according to your liking: cruising through the preserved areas of Ovčar-Kablar Gorge, visiting distilleries and traditional households in Bajina Bašta, climbing the hilltops of Tara Mountain, gondola rides in Zlatibor, etc.

Day Tours from Belgrade

You will be amazed by the attractions one can see only an hour drive from Belgrade.

If you are coming to the capital, contact us to arrange day tours from Belgrade to West Serbia or other parts of the country. Plan on spending an additional few days in Serbia and we promise that you will be astonished by the things we are going to show you.

Foreign tourists often miss out on the natural beauty and rich heritage Serbia is known for because they only spend a couple of days in Belgrade. The bustling Serbian capital should only be the start of your journey!

If you are struggling to find a guide or trusted tours and individuals to accompany you on your journey around the country, we are a perfect match. We can make arrangements that include transportation, accommodation bookings, tips on money exchange, places to eat, etc.

Let us know which tourist attractions in Serbia you are interested in or we can suggest an original itinerary for you.

Educational Travel for Adults

Why are some of our tours educational? You will probably agree that travel in general can broaden our horizons but some trips are more rewarding than others.

Our tours include visits to some of the astonishing places like medieval monasteries built by kings and defended by hilltop lookout towers, 14th-century fortresses overlooking modern cities, and ancient Roman baths. Learn how Serbian monks headed to remote cliffs to hide relics and escape the Ottomans but also about interesting legends and stories that today make the core of Serbian tradition.

Add lush natural surroundings and tasty bites to that, and you will get a sense of the experience we immerse in on our tours.

Serbia for Kids

You know how kids get bored when you try to force them into keeping still and sitting in peace while you are trying to have a coffee or chat with other adults?

As it happens, they just don’t have enough entertainment to keep them occupied. What if we tell you that we organize tours specially tailored to their needs that will not only occupy their attention but teach them about nature?

How to survive in nature, how to build a tent, how to fish, or preserve the forest are some of the workshops that children love. They will spend time outdoors and learn about ecology gaining skills that will last for life.

We organize journeys for school children, trips for both kids and their parents, or short tours in West Serbia where we can pick kids up at the hotel and take them to our workshop in natural surroundings. Let us know what you need, we can make it happen.

Team Building Serbia

As team-building tours became increasingly popular in Serbia, we came up with the idea to combine this type of travel with our knowledge of West Serbia. The region is popular because of its unspoiled nature, stunning views, and abundance of water and greenery, and thus offers great opportunities for outdoor activities.

Imagine spending a day with your colleagues fishing and having a shot of traditional rakija (Serbian fruit brandy) afterward. We can even arrange for the fish you catch to be cooked in a local restaurant. Your company employees can immerse in various outdoor competitions that will build trust and bonds among colleagues.

Just contact us so that we can suggest a perfect travel for your needs. Maybe your employees enjoy cooking together or learning about history. We can go for a ride by a quaint train or a boat… Options are endless!

Comfortable transport

Your comfort and safety are our priority. You will be transported throughout Serbia in a modern bus driven by an experienced driver.

Off the beaten path

We are taking you places off the beaten path, telling you mesmerizing tails along the way.

Cozy accommodation

Whether you want a hotel accommodation, an apartment, or a room within a countryside household, we can make it happen. Just let us know your preferences.

Journey to remember

We offer a mixture of experiencing nature and heritage. Discover unique destinations while spending time outdoors and relaxing your body and mind.

Homemade food

Delicious homemade food and Serbian rakija are a must on most of our Serbia excursions. Kids love the fresh snacks we make for them.

Experienced local guides

Our guides are not only experienced but originate from these parts of Serbia. They make a true adventure out of our every journey.

Our Most Popular Destinations


After a short 1h30m drive from Belgrade, we will come to the beautiful natural reserve. The place is famous for its endemic species and is preferred by hikers due to its lavish forest-sheltered trails.

The view from Kablar at an altitude of 885 meters is the most popular among travelers. The incised meanders of the river below add to the fascinating landscape.

Our guide will explain how this part of Serbia is an important habitat for numerous birds and several orchid species, and why it is referred to as Serbian Mount Athos. Grab a chance to visit one of the 10 Christian Orthodox monasteries in the gorge that were built by monks escaping the Ottomans centuries ago.

Atop of that, we will rest and have lunch at the local household enjoying its homemade food and domestic rakija.


This is a rare opportunity to see the third-deepest river canyon in the world from a boat. The cruise starts in Perućac Lake in the foothill of Tara Mountain, taking you between Drina’s narrow cliffs to Višegrad in Bosnia. The Drina River is the natural border between the two countries.

Tara is one of the most popular mountains in Serbia with the National Park stretching along the Drina. Perućac is a lake adorned with rentable boat houses and popular with watersport lovers during summer. The canyon offers lovely views of both Drina banks. A visit to the famous 16th-century Višegrad Bridge is a must. It was a central stage of the book written by Serbian Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andrić.

Enjoy hearing interesting stories onboard and learn about the natural surroundings of the canyon.


Užice is the city you can’t miss when coming to West Serbia. People mostly know it because of the highway connecting Belgrade and Bar in Montenegro. Still, the city is full of hidden gems!

We will take you to see the original walls of the 14th-century fortress which stands on the clifftop looking over the modern settlement. The cliff is surrounded by a river from three sides and was thus impregnable for a long time. Not only will you be able to immerse in the historical stories of the old town while stepping on the ancient stones, but take a zip line ride nearby with a beautiful view of the fortress.

The river below is a habitat of the most butterfly species in Serbia and offers great canoe and hiking opportunities.

Another astonishing site is situated on the outskirts of Užice – a Neolithic village of StaPark with life-sized human dolls representing our ancestors 7,000 years ago.

Did you know that Užice is also the town where the first power plant according to Nikola Tesla’s principles was built in Serbia in 1900?


Zlatibor is one of the most popular mountain resorts in Serbia. This is the place to come to learn about making traditional specialty pršuta or constructing olden houses with no nails.

This lavish area of rolling hills offers natural attractions like Stopića Cave, the 20-meter Gostilje Waterfall, and the open-air museum Sirogojno. It is popular for its ski resort at the highest peak Tornik (1496m) and a few gorgeous viewpoints.

We are also taking you to see Zlatibor from a different angle due to the longest panoramic gondola in Europe which is situated right here. Slide with us above those velvet-like hills and small lakes, and let us be treated to a special delicacy of the region – komplet lepinja (baked bun with eggs, clotted milk cream, and meat sauce) when we reach the last stop with a beautiful terrace.


You probably stumbled across Uvac meanders’ photos on social media because this is one of the most photographed spots in Serbia.

Uvac is the river that creates three lakes at an altitude of about 1,000 meters. The cold mountain water does not just reflect pretty nuances of the surrounding green forests but is curving among cliffs, creating a spectacular natural site. The most popular observation decks are situated on both Uvac banks opposite to each other so that you can enjoy the view of its meanders curving in the distance.

The river comprises the famous Uvac Special Nature Reserve which is also famous for saving a Griffon Vulture from extinction. When you see them cruising in the air above, you will just have to take a photo for your Instagram account. It is a must.


Mileševa Monastery is a 13th-century Serbian Orthodox Christian temple that is extremely important for Serbia. It was built by members of the first Serbian royal family.

This is where Saint Sava, the 13th-century patron saint who was a prince and monk, was first buried before his bones were taken by the Ottomans in the 16th century and burned in Belgrade. (Saint Sava Temple, the largest Orthodox Church in the Balkans, is built at the same spot in Belgrade.)

The monastery holds another interesting gem. The famous ancient fresco White Angel decorates its walls, the same fresco that was part of the three-image message of peace sent to Space in 1962. Other images depicted humans landing on the Moon and the Great Wall of China.

We will also take you to see the medieval lookout fort on the hilltop built to protect the monastery and the mosque holding a 400-year-old Quran.


The Serbian national drink is called rakija. It is made of different fruit and can be compared to a brandy. The tradition of making it is so old that almost every countryside household distilled its own version throughout centuries.

Today, we will visit the most popular distilleries like the one in Bajina Bašta famous for its klekovača (juniper brandy) or Čačak with its šljivovica (plum brandy). These are the places to learn how these types of rakija were first introduced by medieval Serbian monks who used it for medicinal purposes. It soon became the main thing accompanying all the local celebrations, festivities, or burials.

You will have the opportunity to taste brandy made of various types of fruit like pear, quince, or even raspberry. Let us also take you to a local household to see the custom in the act, so to speak, because you will be purred a small glass of rakija as a welcoming guest by your host.


During our day trips from Belgrade to West Serbia, we will indulge in a variety of delicious local cuisine. You may have heard about oversized Serbian portions and delicious meals accompanied by rakija and local wine. Let us introduce you to the whole ritual of coming to lunch and being welcomed by a host with rakija and black coffee at the traditional household.

You will learn how the traditional dried meat called pršuta came to life and how it is made even today. It originates from West Serbia and is enjoyed throughout the country. It even has its own annual festival.

After trying a cheese pie (gibanica) fresh from an oven or a roast, you will never forget the taste. Make sure to try sarma (cabbage leaves stuffed with meat) and veal under the bell. The clotted milk cream called kaymak is a must, as is the traditional white cheese.

Homemade cakes are there to add a final touch along with domestic juices or wine.

Just remember that Serbs don’t want their guests leaving the table before their stomachs are full. For a household, it is regarded as a disgrace.


Our agency offers a variety of transportation in regard to the destination we are visiting or the tour you choose. We can offer bus drives from Belgrade to certain locations, followed by an old panoramic train, or river cruising boats. Carriage or cable car rides can also be included according to your preferences. Don’t hesitate to ask about tours that involve horses, gondolas, canoes, etc. We can accommodate all those details into an interesting tour especially tailored for you.


If you are an international tour operator or travel agency in need of a partner in Serbia, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have vast experience in welcoming foreign groups via partnerships with international businesses. Our special tours can also be included in your travel itineraries offered to tourists in your country. Contact us and we will come up with the best way to work together.


Whichever type of vacation you prefer – be it a family trip or an excursion for kids – we can make it happen. Maybe you like traveling with friends who love indulging in adventure outdoor activities or would rather plan a romantic getaway over a couple of days. Let us know what you need.

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